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Banished to Eternia: Extroyer meets Skeletor and his minions!

He had been so close…..so damn close to finally having his revenge on Max Steel, he had managed to repair and gain full mastery of his ultralink and he had him on his knees when those foolish N-Tek soldiers used an experimental weapon on him, opening a wormhole that banished him to another universe and for a time he fell in the void of nothingness, the energies around him sending jolts through him until finally he landed in a forest. He looked around the strange forest, noting the almost alien wildlife around here, he soon found a jungle type of cat and roared as he quickly extroyed it, absorbing it’s DNA and adopting it’s form so he could blend in with the local wildlife better.

He walked around, an Eternian Jungle Cat with glowing purple eyes as he slowly explored this new place. As he came to realize what had happened to him he felt….a loss of purpose. So he wandered the forest alone, legends soon being told of a large purple-eyed cat who prowled the jungles at night. Little did he know that this would soon bring a rather…..strange sort of attention to himself, the attention of skeletor and his minions anyway.

He slept underneath a tree, a Jungle cat with Purple Crystals sticking out of multiple places as he growls lightly, too deep asleep to pay attention to his surroundings.

Guys I need something from you

One of my favorite flash games, K.O.L.M. Is getting an official remake!! There’s a kickstarter up for it and everything and the creator himself is finishing the trilogy, I have a lot of fond memories of this flash game so I really want you guys to help make it happen, at least look at if ya want. Here’s the link It’s a really amazing games and you can see more on the kickstarter page!


In the Kill La Kill AU Shinji Meiyo is still a quarter saiyan but allow me to describe how he stands up to the Star Uniforms:

  • 1 Star: He has no problem and he can easily overpower them.
  • 2 Star: Depending on the uniform he can either perfectly match or be outmatched by them.
  • 3 Star: Completely outmatched in every way.
  • 100% Life Thread: RUN BITCH RUNNNNNNNNNNNN. 

Although this is subject to change due to him being able to increase his power every time he’s near death, so every time he’s beaten to within an inch of his life he can come back more powerful than before.

Shinji Meiyo: A profile


Name: Shinji Meiyo

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Species: 1/4 Saiyan

Appearance: he has long hair he normally keeps in a ponytail as well as a mustache that looks exactly like hercule’s. He has black hair and brown eyes and appears to be quite fit, muscular, and powerful due to his constant training.

Personality: he’s literally one of the kindest and most jolly people you could meet and he’s rarely mean or serious unless he’s fighting or training. When training he literally works himself to the bone and beyond, very reminiscent of Might Guy or Rock Lee, a literal master of hard work.

Abilities and Powers: Flight, Basic Ki Control, Somewhat Advanced Key Control, Advanced Combat Abilities and the like:

He can fight very very well and has developed his own powerful style that focuses on quick strikes and overwhelming punches as well as quick dodging and various other things, the weaknesses in this is that it’s somewhat full of holes for those with a watchful eye.

He can utilize his vast amount of Ki to do a variety of attacks such as powerful energy punches and his signature attack Dynamite Blast, an energy attack that shoots an unstable sphere of energy which explodes after a certain amount of distance, meaning that if it misses there’s a chance his enemy will still be caught in the blast radius. In an extended fight he can run out of Ki quickly but can power up to regain it, although powering up requires him to stay still for a period of time, leaving him wide open for attacks if he doesn’t act quickly.

Bio (Abridged Version): Basically his father was kidnapped by robots led by an evil scientist that’s in control of a splinter sect of the red ribbon army, this caused him to be depressed for a while until he bought a video at a store of hercule, he instantly idolized the guy and began to train hard so he could protect people like his hero, as he grew he learned that yes hercule wasn’t as strong as he believed and he had drawn inspiration from other fighters such as krillin and goku. He worked hard both in his training and in school and became a robotics and repair expert like his father before him, his mother helped him in his training in exchange for him finishing highschool which he followed through on. He has yet to go to college but he is both training and working hard towards that goal as well as running his own auto repair shop at the same time.

Kill la Kill AU: Unfortunately the customers started going to another shop and his mother and him fell on hard times so he had no choice but to start applying to different colleges, universities, and academies around the world, Salvation came in the form of an invitation to Hanounji Academy, he and his mother quickly packed up and moved there and although they had to live in the slums, Shinji quickly made a living opening a repair shop and utilizing his skills while his mom used her former combat skills to help defend them.  His first day at the Academy begins soon and he hopes that it’ll be a great one!

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Am I the only one who keeps their task bar on the side?

Is there anybody else besides me that wants this song in the english dub?







Better question: How on EARTH did he get MAURICE TO DO THAT.



i need a moment

I thought this was gonna be exactly like how it was in the show…. boy was I wrong


do you ever catch yourself thinking of something so weird and fucked up that you have to stop mid-thought and your face is





I’d quit playing if this happened to me tbh